Thursday, April 19, 2007


I just burned my stomach on the stove. Yesterday I met a chiropractor at my gym who said I am clumsy because of issues with four of my top five vertebrae. Could that be true? I'm sure. For now though, I will blame the burn on taking on too much cooking for a Thursday night.

So, what is on this Thursday menu? Bread sticks (from scratch), turkey meatballs and tomato sauce (ditto on the scratch - although I did use a can of crushed tomatoes), fetucinni (not from scratch - I don't have the pasta attachment for my stand mixer yet), and a salad. It's 10:15 and it's almost all done but I have lost my boyfriend to a hip hop show across the street. He'll come back for his plate soon though.

What have I learned from today's cooking? Dough will raise nicely if covered by a large bowl (traps heat and moisture), yogurt can be used as your liquid in Italian bread, if your bread is browning faster than the inside is cooking cover with tin foil, cook tomato sauce as slowly and on as low heat as you can and you can take a nice mile and a half run around your neighborhood while waiting for dough to rise.

Also of note, the new path leading from Valley Street to the Western Prom (replacing my beloved yet decrepit stairs) is one bad ass workout.

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