Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey, it's been forever. Let's give this another try.

Here are some things I have cooked recently, just to show you I haven't been at home eating frozen pizza...I've got cooking club on Saturday and hope to make a nice dinner on Sunday, so I will blog those as we go....

Chicken Scampi - One of my true specialties

A nice dinner of honey glazed thighs, salad and roasted mixed potatoes

I made those rolls from scratch!

Mustard glazed steaks before going under the broiler


Kabobs we made for mother's day


mrsb said...

Fell onto your blog via "What's Alan Watching?". Can only say, "Yummmm".

NorthStar Vintage said...

I love your blog! And now I'm starving. Might have to try mustard glazed steaks this weekend.